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Our Products & Services

ShapeFish™ AMF 3D File Manager

   Custom Software & SDK's

Technical Consulting

  • Convert STL to AMF; AMF to STL

  • Display & Edit 8 ISO standard Meta-Data fields, including Color & Material

  • 360º Viewing of 3D Mesh

  • Zoom in to triangle level to find errors

  • Mesh Problems Highlighted in Color

  • Analyze by File and by Component

  • Repair by File or by Component

  • Save Input File and Output File

  • Add proprietary meta data to your files

  • Displays history of file operations

  • Undo a repair or other file operation

  • Validates ISO/ASTM 52915 Compliance

  • Custom AMF meta data tags in BlowFish™

  • Custom AMF Plug-ins for Apps

  • Custom AMF SDK's

  • Custom Application Development

  • Work Flow Quality Optimization

  • Integration of DICOM Files in AMF

  • Application of ISO/ASTM Standards

  • Optimizing Assembly Design for AM

  • Use of AMF in Military applications

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