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    ShapeFish 3D Mesh File Manager

  • Convert STL to AMF Format, Analyze by Component, Save to AMF or STL

  • Add/Edit 8 Types of Meta-Data, including Materials, Colors & Assemblies

  • Analyze & Repair Using Two Repair Modes & 3 Repair Tools

  • Validate your AMF file as ISO/ASTM 52915 Standards Compliant

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 10.32.06 PM.jpeg

Convert STL to AMF Format

Automatically converts STL files to AMF and validates the format as ISO 52915 compliant. Multiple Component files can be split into separate volumes for analysis & repair. Supports files containing multiple objects or sub-assemblies. Save to AMF or STL

Repair Volume 1 Linear Activator.jpeg

Analyze, Segment & Repair

Rotate and zoom to facet level. Automatically displays the number and type of mesh errors. Errors are color coded in the display.  Automatic repair plus three specialized repair tools that can be used to split and repair individual components. History log displays list of operations performed.

Linear Activator Metadata_edited_edited.png

Add & Edit File Meta Data

Add or edit 8 types of meta data applied to individual volumes, each object, a sub-assembly or complete file. Includes color, material, gradients, file name, author, etc. Supports adding proprietary file metadata to the file in a designated location, including IP, tolerance, QMS, cyber-security and other meta-data.

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