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Use ShapeFish in your Work Flow as part of a Digital Quality Management System 

•Improve Print Quality: include Key Meta Data in Your File To Ensure Optimal Accuracy, Precision, Orientation, Color, Material and Surface Texture at component, object and assembly level.  
• Ensure IP Compliance: Include/edit author, IP, source company, reference .url, by component, object or assembly.  
• A
dd DICOM, Milspec, or ITAR Required Meta Data in each file as part of your compliance based Quality Management System.
• Add Your Proprietary Meta Data to integrate with your work flow and quality control methods in an ISO standards compliant manner:

AM Workflow Chart.png

Edit/Augment Meta Data

Output Meta Data

Apply Meta Data

Unit of Measure







Surface Texture

Revised Accuracy

Revised Tolerance

Edited Components

Edited Orientation

Convert STL to AMF

Repair by component, object or assembly


Unit of Measure


Author, Company

Reference .URL

Application of Color

IP copyrights, licensing

Material Specs

Color Model & Specs

Surface Textures

Part Orientation

Assembly Orientation

Your Proprietary Data:

• DICOM Patient Data

• ITAR specific Data

• Milspec specific Data  

• Company specific

Use embedded meta-data to:


 • set optimal layer height

 • optimize print orientation

 • set desired space between        components during printing

 • set surface textures


 • set custom specifications

       Use Meta Data

Use meta-data to check:

 • dimensional accuracy

 • specified colors & gradients

 • specified materials & mix

 • specified orientation

 • specified distances between              components

 • specified design

 • DICOM compliance

 • MILSPEC compliance

 • ITAR compliance

 • Custom quality criteria

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