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What is the AMF File Format?

ISO/ASTM 52915:20 Standard specification for additive manufacturing file format (AMF) Version 1.2 published May 2020, is a foundational international standard for additive manufacturing.  


This extensible, advanced 3D file format was developed to address the specific needs of additive manufacturing processes today and in the future.


Updated in May 2020, this standard is actively maintained by ISO TC261 committee's joint technical working group J64. Staffed by ASTM and ISO members, this technical working group continues to develop new revisions to the AMF standard to help advance the efficient and effective use of additive manufacturing for a growing number of applications.                


Key Benefits:  • Royalty free, open international standard.

                        • Uses Human readable XML documents

                        • Extensible architecture designed for easy migration to future revisions

                        • Backward compatible with STL format

                        • Includes standardized and custom meta data within the 3D file

                        • Supports multiple materials, colors, gradient colors & composites

                        • Supports multi-part assemblies, multi-component parts in one file

                        • Provides inclusion of accuracy, precision and orientation info in the file

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