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International Standards for Additive Manufacturing

• Standards based AM products are more appealing in global markets.          

• Government regulated industries are moving to requiring standards based products. • Medical, Defense, Aerospace and Automotive industries are adopting AM standards  

• You need to know what standards will impact your business:


The International Standards Organization (ISO), and the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), collaborate to provide a single set of international standards intended to increase the rate of adoption of additive manufacturing. They develop and publish these standards through a joint venture organization named TC261.


To date, more than 50 additive manufacturing specific standards have been published, and there are more several active projects under way aimed at creating additional standards to aid manufacturers through standardized terminology, methods and practices. 


Our management team is active in several

key working groups within TC261 and ASTM, including:

   • TC261 Working Group J64 on file formats

   • ASTM Working Group F42.08 on data mgt.    

   • ASTM F42.07.3 on medical applications

Working with technical experts from around the globe, we help draft new AM standards and update current standards. 

This provides us with access to the latest detailed technical standards information that we can use to help you plan and implement improved, standards based AM programs.  

We are active in DICOM standards activity for additive manufacturing medical applications too!


We can help you identify and apply AM standards appropriate for your business to improve your quality, efficiency and regulatory compliance at an affordable cost

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