Avante Proprietary Technologies

In order to advance the state-of-the-art of desktop 3D printing, printing products must be designed as an integrated solution.

We offer technology and expertise in the four key technical disciplines required to design a commercial class desktop FDM printer:

Advanced Materials

  • Application specific filaments using composite material formulations
  • Proprietary printing adhesion sheets formulated for each type of filament material

File Preparation and Printer Management Software

  • Automated STL file validation & repair
  • Advanced printer management software
  • Customized RTOS for real time, multitasking control of 3D printing operations
  • Automated calibration control

State of the Art Electronic Controller Boards and Custom Firmware

  • Real time, multi-tasking design
  • Advanced stepper motor control
  • Electrically ruggedized for heavy use
  • Options for Wi-Fi and custom display controls

Advanced Mechanical Designs

  • Stability optimization
  • Auto calibration
  • High precision motor control
  • Advanced extruder designs
  • Advanced FDM Printer turnkey design

Our Technology is Available to Commercial Customers in Four Ways

  • Proprietary Products
  • Licensing
  • Consulting
  • Development Services
  • Custom Printing Systems, Installation and Training

Contact us for a consultation regarding product purchases, licensing and custom design and services.