FilaOne™ Advanced Composite Filament System

The FilaOne™ Advanced Composite Filament System for Desktop 3D Printers from Avante Technology addresses three critical problems with desktop 3D printers:

  • Provides “engineering grade” filaments necessary to make functional parts
  • Improves dimensional accuracy of printed parts
  • Eliminates hazardous fumes when printing

No one thermoplastic compound is ideal for all 3D printing applications. That is why we offer standardized composite materials and application specific custom formulations. FilaOne composite materials are designed to optimize specific mechanical, chemical and aesthetic attributes in the printed part.

Integrated Approach to Better Printing

FilaOne™ printing adhesion sheets are an integral part of our filament system. It is a scientific fact that no one material adheres well to all plastics, especially under heated temperatures. The physical and chemical attraction between printed object and the print surface must be designed together to optimize adhesion at the temperatures ranges experience during 3D printing. The attractive force must also be one that can be removed without damage to the surface of the printed part. Proper application of materials science to both the filament material and the printing adhesion sheet provides users with a safe, easy to use printing method that will reduce failed print jobs, reduce warping, and provide improved dimensional accuracy of the printed object.

Because there is a wide range in operating parameters between 3D printers, we qualify our formulations to run on specific state-of-the art printers before selling directly to end users. That is the only way to ensure that you will have a successful printing experience the first time you print. This is why industrial 3D printer manufacturers require the use of their own proprietary materials.

We apply the same integrated approach for supporting desktop printers. Avante Technology seeks to qualify our filament materials on all premium brand desktop printers. We will provide free samples to any printer vendor upon request. Ask your printer manufacturer to test FilaOne™ filaments today.

FilaOne™ Materials are Safe for You and the Environment

FilaOne materials are formulated to be "Eco-Friendly" to the environment. They slowly degrade into harmless materials in a landfill. Unlike ABS and Nylon, there is no harmful out-gassing when printing. Safe for you and safe for the environment. Color pigments used in FilaOne filaments are chemically stable, will not stain and are safe for human contact.