Emendo STL File Validation and Repair Software


Emendo provides users of all skill levels an automated method for validating STL files for use on a 3D printer


Users can quickly check a valid or "water tight" STL file, and if needed, automatically repair it


Emendo repairs 3D STL files with errors not easily identified by the source application software

Save Time and Improve Your Printing Results
Ememdo 3D STL File Validation Software

A common problem in 3D printing has to do with tiny inaccuracies in the 3D model representing the object in the STL format. Each CAD or 3D scanner application software may output their mathematical construct of the 3D object in slightly different levels of precision. This is often due to the use of floating point calculations creating tiny rounding errors in the complex mathematical algorithms defining the object in 3D dimensions. With potentially millions of 3D triangular facets representing the object, even very tiny rounding errors can add up to a big problem when the file is printed. Unlike most other mesh repair software, Emendo utilizes a unique, proprietary set of algorithms that makes repairs with the highest accuracy at relatively high speeds comparable with floating point calculations. You will get a more accurate repair to the STL file without having to wait all day! 

Version 1.1 now available with User Defined Precision Setting!

Emendo is as Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Open Emendo. Double click on the file and Emendo automatically analyzes your file for errors. Within seconds, Emendo displays the number and type of any errors found and highlights them on a 3D rendering of the file with 360 degree display capability.
2. Click Repair. Your file is automatically repaired using precise "loss less" calculations.
3. Save Your File. Select to save the repaired file under the original file name, or select a new name to save both the original and repaired versions.

Using the New Precision Selection Option in Version 1.1

When Selecting ”Lattice Repair” option, you can select from “low”, “medium” or “high” precision calculations.

Designed to repair poorly defined CAD files and STL files generated by other types of 3D modeling, the Lattice Repair option completely rebuilds the mathematical mesh that defines the surface of the object and forces a repair to create a printable, “manifold” object.

The trade-off is that some precision may be lost and the repair time can be much longer than the default repair style. File size is also larger using the Lattice Repair style.

Low precision repairs are faster and create smaller STL files as the expense of some precision.

High precision repairs are very precise but take longer and create large file sizes.

You decide what is best for your print job.

Curtis IngletonFounder- Genius I.E.

Over 3,000 errors after converting the sculptress file to STL and nothing would work short of manually editing the file. After Emendo – we were 3D printing in no time. Saved us on CAD time, potential waste material and a whole lot of frustration. Another client satisfied thanks to Emendo!

System Requirements

Emendo 1.1 runs on Mac OS version 10.9 and higher 

A Windows version is planned for first quarterf 2015

Developer Support

If you would like to work with Emendo we will have a Software Developers Kit available, in first quarter 2015. Email us at info@avante-technology.com for details.

Service and Support

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