Software Installation Support

When you purchase Emendo you are eligible for installation support for 30 days at no charge. If you have questions related to installing your download on your Mac computer please email Avante Technology at Be sure to include your order number and email address you purchased the software under.

If your questions relate to specific file repair opportunities and why they are not being repaired we offer a support plan to help you out.

Registered User Support

For all purchasers of Emendo we offer email support for questions related to installation and general use as described in the user guide (included with your download). Registered users are also provided software updates to fix bugs when available at no additional charge. For more extensive support and access to upgraded versions at a discount, we offer the following support plan via email and Skype.

Technical Support Support Plan

Technical support is offered to the individual user who registers the software. Supports includes answering questions about repairing files, bug reports and general information. Support is done via email or Skype at our option. For a full file analysis done by the Avante Technical Support staff, you will need to purchase a file repair token (see below). Software updates are provided free and product enhancements are made available at a 25% discount.

File Repair Tokens

If you need additional help in repairing a specific file, you may purchase a File Repair Token. You will be able to upload the file to Avante Technical Support. An Avante technician will analyze the file and provide you with a repaired version or, in the event there remain un-reparable problems with the file, our expert staff will diagnose the problem and offer advice on what to review in the file in the originating CAD application to generate a “manifold” surface in the STL file.

File Repair Tokens are available only to customers who are enrolled in the Technical Support Plan. An option for a live consult via Skype will be included during Avante support hours (11am - 5pm Pacific Time) for an additional fee.