About Avante Technology, LLC

Avante Technology is a new Cheyenne WY based company focused on the commercial business segment of the 3D printing market.

Our mission is to rapidly advance the state of the art of desktop 3D printing to make it as powerful and pervasive in commercial design and manufacturing as PC’s are in business. Just as Apple and HP revolutionized desktop 2D printing with integrated desktop computing and printing products, we will help companies design, build and operate powerful, affordable desktop 3D printing solutions for commercial use.

Most of the 3D printing technology used today is decades old. The best way forward is to employ the latest technology in materials science, electronics and software to expand printing capabilities to meet the needs of industry.

Our integrated design philosophy applies a classic engineering approach to improve printing quality, accuracy and reliability. That means designing printers and control software that support advanced materials. This expands their usefulness to a broad range of commercial applications.

Bob ZolloFounder and CEO

​With over 30 years in high technology startups, Robert has been intimately involved in the technological development of a number of revolutionary technologies, including the world’s first digital cameras and the world’s first recordable DVD drives. A “serial entrepreneur”, he has founded two companies that have contributed to the advancement of desktop FDM 3D printing, one in the software arena and one in the FDM plastic materials category.

Recognizing that desktop 3D printing has the potential to become as valuable and ubiquitous as personal computers in industry, Robert’s vision for Avante Technology is to educate, promote and assist the vast number of design, engineering and manufacturing professionals seeking to incorporate desktop 3D printing as part of their work process.

Ron AldrichFounder and CTO

A pioneer in object oriented programming, Ron has over 30 years experience architecting integrated software/hardware solutions for commercial applications.

A master “software architect”, Ron has developed patented image color gamut manipulation software for Nikon, the first recordable DVD software for Apple computers, the first digital camera image capture software for Canon to support Apple computers, and many other major designs used by millions of consumers and business users.

An early adopter of 3D printing, Ron has designed three desktop FDM printers, and is currently developing a 4th generation, advanced 3D printer that showcases Avante Technology’s proprietary software, hardware and filament technologies in an integrated solution.

As CTO, Ron ensures that our design philosophy of “reliability first" is applied to each component of every Avante Technology product and licensable technology. This ensures that our products and technology work great now and are maintainable in a commercial work environment. He is an expert in applying the “K.I.S.S.” principle to user interface design to ensure a happy customer experience.

Richard GeaseyDirector of Marketing

​Richard has been involved with technology marketing for over 30 years. He has worked for large computer manufacturers such as Western Digital and Seagate Technologies as well as smaller companies and the Australian Trade Commission. Working with diverse products such as Ethernet adapters, tape backup drives and embedded device controllers he developed markets around the world.

Transitioning to helping small businesses after working for the Australians he developed his skills with SEO, lead generation and web development. He is currently Director of Marketing and Editor in Chief for ProForma 3D Printing, a developer of new 3D printing filament . Richard also designed and had built the world’s first Internet controlled BBQ in 2000. He was also a Captain in the US Army.