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Automatic STL File Repair Addresses 3D Printing Problems from non-CAD Applications

Automatic STL File Repair Addresses 3D Printing Problems with Mashup Files Created from non-CAD Applications

Cheyenne, Wyoming, 27 January 2015…Avante Technology, LLC, a company specializing in the development of advanced 3D printing technologies, announced version 1.1 of its Emendo™ Automated STL File Repair and Validation Software which now provides support for complex files created from multiple source applications. Most conventional STL file repair software is designed to support files created in a CAD or single 3D modeling application.

Emendo is the first low cost file repair product that automatically analyzes and repairs 3D STL files and allows users to select the level of precision they want. This saves time where lengthy high precision repairs are not required.

Two Modes of Operation for Two Types of STL Files

For STL files created in a CAD application or in a single 3D modeling application, the default Surface Reconstruction mode is a highly precise, “lossless” repair algorithm that repairs seven types of errors that occur when files created in CAD and other types of 3D modeling software are saved in the STL file format.

STL files created by combining 3D files from multiple applications, or those containing serious design flaws (such as having surfaces defined as “zero thickness”), may require a complete rebuilding of the mathematical mesh defining the surface of the object. Emendo’s Lattice Reconstruction mode is designed for this type of comprehensive repair, which repairs more files than the Surface Reconstruction mode. This repair mode requires more computing time and results in much larger file size. The repaired file may also lose some of its precision but will be printable in most cases.

User Selectable Precision

Users may select from low, medium and high levels of precision when using the Lattice Reconstruction mode. This saves a great deal of time when the object to be printed does not require fine resolution, or where the precision level of the selected 3D printer is relatively low.

One Button Operation

Open the application and double click on the file to be repaired. Emendo automatically checks and validates the STL file. Errors are identified, listed and displayed with a 3D rendering of the object. Click on the Repair button and Emendo does the rest. When the repair is complete, the user has the option to re-name the repaired file or replace the original STL file with the repaired version.

Pricing and Availability

Single End User List Price is $79.95 (USD).
Volume pricing and OEM licensing is available upon request.
Technical support programs are available on the Avante Technology

Version 1.1 for Mac OS v.10.9 and later is available now.
Windows version scheduled for release in February 2015.
An SDK version is planned for release in Q1 2015.

End user licenses may be purchased for download at: