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​High Performance Composite Materials, SoftwareTools and Design Services for Professionals

Avante Technology specializes in supporting engineers and design professionals to design and print  precise, "production quality" parts,  

fixtures and short run injection molds on high precision 3D printers

We support engineering, tooling and design professionals in small and large organizations

STL Repair Software

Emendo™ File Analysis & Repair Software for both CAD generated and hybrid(mashup) STL's

High Performance Composites

Engineering grade filaments for printing injection molds, fixtures and mechanically strong parts

Cloud Based STL Analysis & Repair

Visual Analysis of Errors & High Precision Repairs at:

Print Bed Sheets

Ensure the perfect print environment with print bed adhesion sheets designed for FilaOne filament.

Technical Consulting

We help you get the right material for your project and better precision prints

Injection Mold Design-to-Print

Re-design your mold for precision 3D printing & short run production 

Curtis IngletonFounder- Genius I. E.

Over 3,000 errors after converting the sculptress file to STL and nothing would work short of manually editing the file. After Emendo – we were 3D printing in no time. Saved us on CAD time, potential waste material and a whole lot of frustration. Another client satisfied thanks to Emendo!